Saturday, September 7, 2013

Why Aren't We Marching

Watching a press conference not long ago, The Pres Sec said a particular tyrant had to go because “thousands of people were marching in the street”—is that all it takes? Then why aren’t we marching? Let’s consider Syria: is there really any compelling reason to kill people in Syria; is there really any national interest? Cruise missiles aren’t for “sending a message” as Pres. Obama says he wants to do, that’s what Western Union is for- cruise missiles are for destroying their targets! And let’s not accept the “domino theory” stuff, it’s never been true, wasn’t in Indochina, isn’t now! There is literally no strategic value in interfering in Syria! And what are we saying in effect, we don’t care how they kill ‘em just don’t use gas. Is that the message? Its abhorrent! And are we to decide who will be the winner and who will be the loser in every civil strife that occurs around the world? It’s just not our job, and we are hated around the world for assuming it is – all from the President who told us he would rebuild ourI international relationships and they’ve quite literally never been worse. So we’re now providing arms and training/supporting the rebels, over ½ of which are Al Queda! So we kill ’em sacrificing our precious young people to do it in one country and arm them in another—I ask, why aren’t we marching! And there’s more to say, a lot more than just this short series of questions—this is a fight we don’t have a dog in—we need to be marching!!

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